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talk to children, power of words
Faith & Life

How We Talk to Children Will Become Their Inner Voice

I’m sure you can recall a time when someone’s words caused you deep hurt and pain. What that person said…

word of the year
Love and Friendship

The “Word of the Year” and the Season’s Most Popular Ads Reveal A Lot About Humanity

Its become the trend in the last few years for Dictonary.com to announce their ‘Word of the Year’, the word…

Love and Friendship

Even Adults Can Be the Object of Bullying

Bullying doesn’t always end with childhood. From the workplace to family life, you may encounter and adult bully. How often…

catholic musician

“What are words?” A Singer’s Amazing Testimony of Faithfulness (Chris Medina)

The fact that this music video has 22,000,000 visits speaks of its caliber. Chris Medina (singer) released this song the…

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