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4 Ways to Promote Peace in Your Everyday Life

4 Ways To Promote Peace In Your Everyday Life

“In a divided and fragmented world, I want to invite all believers, and also all people of good will, to…

God Holds Together Pentecost
Faith & Life

How The Voice of God Holds Us Together When We Cannot

  When the string of a pearl necklace snaps and the pearls fly off in all directions, bouncing across a…

Marks of the Catholic Church
Catholic Church

All Catholics Should Know the Four Marks of the Catholic Church

There are four marks of the Catholic Church that we recite each week at Mass during the Nicene Creed, but do…

Faith & Life

What LeBron James Teaches Us About the Communion of Saints

“Just a kid from Akron” (Ohio), LeBron James was the first overall pick in the 2003 NBA draft by the…

Catholic Church

A Catholic Symphonic Flashmob?!

In order to shine a bit of light on the parallel I want to make with this video, I  will…

Mother Teresa's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
Faith & Life

Have You Watched Mother Teresa’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech?

In 1985 at the UN headquarters in New York, Mother Teresa was introduced by the UN secretary of the time,…

What is the meaning of the Coming of the Holy Ghost?

  What is the meaning of the Coming of the Holy Ghost? What did it accomplish? How did He tell…

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