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Day of Prayer for the unborn

A Lullaby For The Unborn On The Day Of Prayer

January 22 marks the Day of Prayer for the Protection of Unborn Children. With over 60 million innocent lives lost…

unborn babies

The Secret Life of Unborn Babies Revealed

Today’s video helps us to see that the argument in favor of abortion which carries with it the presupposition that…

"To be born": A Letter from an Aborted Child (Graphic Video!) Prolife Video Catholic

To Be born: A Letter From An Aborted Child

Please take the title’s warning seriously. This video has graphic scenes that portray both the physical procedure and the emotional…

How Will Society Be Judged? St. Pope John Paul II

A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members; and among the most vulnerable…

“The woman who purposely destroys her unborn child is guilty of murder”

Women also who administer drugs to cause abortion, as well as those who take poisons to destroy unborn children, are…

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