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Gospel reflection into the Desert Lent Mk. 1:12-15

How to Go Into the Desert: Entering the Wild, Scary, Interior Battle of Lent (Gospel Reflection)

“Though in Your sight I despise myself and reckon myself dust and ashes, there is something I know about You,…

temptations desert

(Gospel Reflection) Entering Into the Desert With Jesus: Christ’s Temptations as Lenses Onto Our Own Weakness

In this series, Father Ian VanHeusen gives us a weekly spiritual exercise based on the Sunday Readings to help us…


Strengthened by temptations (St. John Chrysostom)

“Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil."… For since Jesus did…

9 quotes on purity and chastity
Love and Friendship

These 9 Quotes Will Help You When You Feel Tempted

One of the most difficult aspects of the Christian life is to master the virtue of chastity.  It seems that…


Overcoming Temptation with Prayer and Patience

If a man tries to overcome temptations without prayer and patient endurance, he will become more entangled in them instead…

Faith & Life

6 Steps of Temptation that Neither Adam or Eve, nor You or I Completely Understand

Evil. What is the source of evil? For some, the answer is simple: the source of evil is the devil….

Faith & Life

6 Temptations Most Christians Will Eventually Struggle With

If it is not already clear to everyone: the devil exists, and he is not fond of human beings. Furthermore,…

God & Mystery of Evil

5 Steps To Conquer Temptation

Overcoming sin and temptation involves learning to identify, process, and let go of disordered patterns of thinking, feeling, and desiring….