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The Ultimate List Of Resources Needed To Explain The Relationship Between Science And Faith

Though the media would have us think differently, the Catholic Church does not oppose science. In fact, the Church encourages…

Alexa Catholic
Catholic Faith

Is Amazon’s Alexa Catholic? 15 Alexa Skills That Make Us Think She Is

Well, when you ask Alexa if she’s Catholic, she will typically reply, “Sorry, I’m not sure,” but I have my…

Desire for Infinity

Don’t just look… Feel! What Life Without Technology Is Like

Photographer Niki Boon currently resides on a 10-acre property in New Zealand. She explains, “My children are unschooled and live…

You Can Destroy a Relationship With Just One Look...Here's How Chastity Purity

You Can Destroy a Relationship With Just One Look…Here’s How

Have you ever simply sat and observed how others look? I am not referring to their outer appearance, rather to how…

how does technology impact our life and our kids
Faith & Life

11 Things You Stop Doing When You’re Stuck In Front of A Screen

More often than not, it seems time flies by.  We constantly complain about lack of time, yet we spend an…

Catholic Media

Will Technology Ruin This Generation?

Many companies are choosing to use advertising dollars to get across an uplifting message in addition to promoting their products….

auto correct humanity
Love and Friendship

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e live in a world of instant gratification— we are so connected through technology, we are disconnected from reality. Prince…

Love and Friendship

The 21st Century Autograph with Kirsten Dunst: The Relationshipless Selfie

Today’s video gives us a taste of raw egoism. It’s the 21st century autograph, where the photo matters all, the…

St. John Paul II’s Call To Respect Life

Respect for life requires that science and technology should always be at the service of man and his integral development. …