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What does it mean to bury your talent?

What Does “Burying The Talent” Mean In Rabbinic Law And Why Is It Important For You?

“Good reason still existed; but it was kept concealed, for fear of the popular reason.” – Manzoni Fear of change, of responsibility,…

What Refugees, a Carpenter, and the British Museum Can Teach You About Using Your Gifts

The British Museum, located in the heart of London, is home to more than 8 million objects of international historic…

the cooking nun alicia torres
Consecrated Life

This Nun’s Culinary Skills Helped Her Win Big, But It’s Her Vocation Story That Will Win You Over

Sr. Alicia Torres is the nun that wowed fans and, more importantly, the judges of the Food Network hit television…

Faith & Life

Does perfectionism lead to true happiness?

This short film, Perfection, tells the story of a woman who is taught to play the game ‘Perfection’ while still…

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