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You’re Going To Want To Share This Song With Your Mom

JJ Heller, a popular Christian recording artist, has released a beautiful song as a tribute to her mom and you’re…

Should Catholics listen to Christian music

That Song Is Heretical – Should Catholics Listen To “Christian Music”?

My husband walked into the living room, stood there for a minute, then interrupted me mid-lip-sync with, “That song is…

7 Advent And Christmas Carol Quotes That You Can Pray With This Season

7 Advent And Christmas Carol Quotes That You Can Pray With This Season

One of the wonderful things about both the Advent and Christmas seasons is the abundance of beautiful hymns and carols….

easter songs More Catholic Music https://catholic-link.org/sacred-music-for-holy-week-easter-sunday/ https://catholic-link.org/11-catholic-musicians-so-good-youll-want-to-listen-to-them-even-when-youre-not-at-church/ https://catholic-link.org/that-song-is-heretical-should-catholics-listen-to-christian-music/ https://catholic-link.org/21-songs-for-eucharistic-adoration-and-prayer/

6 Worship Songs That You’ll Want To Add To Your Post-Easter Playlist

Everyone can name a Christmas carol or two, but what about Easter songs? Can you sing any that aren’t cute…

catholic worship music catholic bands, catholic songs

28 Catholic Artists That Will Rock Your Playlist (Updated!)

You don’t hear a lot of Catholic music on the radio these days, but with the rise of the great…

What Did Mary Know? How This Song Helps Us Understand

Mary, Did You Know? – What A Song Teaches Us About The Incarnation

In what is probably one of the most popular versions of the traditional Christmas song to come out, acapella group…

Sr. Cristina

Sister Cristina’s Rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

Sister Cristina is the recent winner of “The Voice” in Italy and she just released her new album “Sister Cristina”….

Sting sings to the Virgin Mary

Catholic-link.com This is an extract from a concert that Sting performed at the Cathedral of Durham. The song is called…

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