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Short film Catholic father son

“Like Son” | A Short Film on Catholic Fatherhood

Before diving in to my reflection, I invite you to please watch this short film (2 minutes, 40 seconds) produced…

Catholic Not the Prodigal Son
Faith & Life

What If I’m Not the Prodigal Son? (Part 1)

The parable of the Prodigal Son is arguably one of the most well-known parables, and it is easy to see why….

What Caused This Professional Baseball Player to Walk Away from 13 Million Dollars? #FamilyFirst

What Caused This Professional Baseball Player To Walk Away From 13 Million Dollars?

I can’t give you any statistics on (now former) Chicago White Sox’s baseball player Adam LaRoche and I don’t know…

meaning of christmas

How A Sacrifice Helped Me Finally Understand: An Unexpected Advent Reflection

One year, Jill had her Advent, and her whole life flipped upside down. Awaiting Christmas and the birth of her…


Maybe The Best Way Of Being A Father Is Learning To Be A Son First.

This video is one of a series that SoulPancake is developing that looks at what it means to be a father…

Prodigal Son "Come Home" - What Would The Prodigal Son Look Like Today?

“Come Home” – What Would The Prodigal Son Look Like Today?

The story of the prodigal son is much more than a parable told long ago. It is a drama that…


Think Family: how one generation loves, the next generation learns.

Catholic-link.com – “Think Family” is a Korean project looking to raise awareness of how important family values are. The video…

A Doctor Of The Church Explains The Trinity

All that the Father is, we see revealed in the Son; all that is the Son’s is the Father’s also;…

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