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Nuns Rock catholic music
Consecrated Life

These Nuns Rock… Literally

It’s not what you would typically expect, but this unique group of nuns found a way to use their gifts to…

5 Things to Know About Consecrated Virgins
Faith & Life

5 Things to Know About Consecrated Virgins

In the history of Catholic-Link, we’ve never recommended that you read an article from Cosmopolitan, but that changes today! On…

sisterhood catholic friendship

Encourage Girls To Treat Each Other As True Sisters In Christ

Notorious for gossip, jealousy, and obsession with appearance, women are poorly and stereotypically portrayed in popular culture, especially when it…

Sr. Cristina

Sister Cristina’s Rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

Sister Cristina is the recent winner of “The Voice” in Italy and she just released her new album “Sister Cristina”….

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