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Support catholic seminarians

A Seminarian Shares 5 Ways To Support Your Parish Seminarian

Summer months allow for seminarians to spend time in parishes and embrace pastoral and apostolic work more readily. Many priests…

priest ordained in hospital
Faith & Life

Video Of Fr. Michael’s Hospital Ordination & Photo Of His First Mass!

The Congregation of the Sons of Divine Providence in Poland are asking for your prayers for the newly ordained, Fr….

seven hearts of a priest Cris
Consecrated Life

The Seven Hearts Of A Priest

God calls those He wants to be priests. He chooses them from among His people in order to consecrate them,…

Georgia Tech kicker
Faith & Life

The Georgia Tech Player Who is Leaving Football to Become a Priest

Last week Catholic-Link published an article about Esmeralda Solís Gonzáles, a young woman who left behind her life as a beauty…

Resolution 3 Soul-Changing Challenges From A Seminarian To Make This Lent Count!

3 Soul-Changing Challenges From A Seminarian To Make This Lent Count!

Lent is a great time to grow in one’s faith and there are tons of ways one can make Lent…

Seminarians Do Seminarians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Do Seminarians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

I may be a seminarian, but I’m a huge fan of romantic tales. I like movies with happy endings when…


Is God Calling Me? 7 Tips To Discern If God Is Calling You To Consecrated Life

When I talk about vocation, many get scared at just the though of it. The first things that come to…

diaconate ordination
Consecrated Life

A Seminarian Shares the Incredible Joy Felt After His Diaconate Ordination

Wow. I just finished perusing my diaconate ordination pictures.  At first glance, my thought was: Who is that guy? I…

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