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"Same Sex Marriage"

LGBTQ Catholic Conversations and Resources
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Say This, Not That: Catholic Conversations With LGBTQ Persons

We live in charged times for dialogue, particularly around sexuality. It can feel like “truth” and “charity” are in a…

same-sex attraction 12 Essential Keys To Help Catholics Understand Same-Sex Attraction
Controversial Subjects

12 Essential Keys To Help Christians Understand Same-Sex Attraction

Let’s start out by saying that when we talk about same-sex attraction, what’s important is acceptance and tolerance. We aren’t…

Same Sex Marriage

5 Quotes From U.S Clergy On Same Sex Marriage

This uplifting video was created by the Archdiocese of St. Louis and reminds of the true joy that comes with the…

same sex Pope Francis' View On Same-Sex Marriage In 6 Points
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6 Points To Better Understand Pope Francis’ View On Same Sex Marriage

We were somewhat taken aback by some of the negative responses garnered by some recent posts on same-sex issues.  Specifically, that…

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