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St. Francis of Assisi Preaching and quotes

The Bold, Childlike Preaching Of St. Francis Of Assisi

Sometimes he preached hard like a boxer’s jaw.  But sometimes he preached soft as the underside of a kitten’s paw.  And sometimes…

St. Clare Scandal

St. Clare, Scandal, & Why Saints Are Often Foolish

People do foolish things for love. Consider a wonderful Catholic girl I know who creeped away from her loving parents…

Arm of St. Francis Xavier

Find Out Where The “Other” Arm Of St. Francis Xavier Is Located

St. Francis Xavier, the missionary apostle who is the vanguard of the Church’s worldwide missionary outreach, served in a long…

who is st. christina the astonishing

Why Is This Astonishing Saint Known As “The Spooky Saint”?

St. Christina was born in Belgium in 1150. By the time she was just three years old, both her parents…

7 Things St. Patrick Might Have Done On St. Patrick's Day

7 Things Saint Patrick Might Have Done On Saint Patrick’s Day

While we often hear a lot about the popular culture that surrounds St. Patrick’s Day, many of us are quite…

St. Gianna Molla

Doctor, Mother, And Saint: Her Story Inspires And Empowers All Women

St. Gianna was born in Magenta (Milan) on October 4, 1922. A mother, wife, doctor, and an ardent lover of…

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