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She Traded Her Life as a Beauty Queen to Live a Vocation of Beauty for God

“You mustn’t be afraid. If God is calling you, he’ll take care of everything. All you need to do is…

Child's Religious Vocation
Consecrated Life

How To Encourage Your Child’s Religious Vocation? 8 Essential Tips

Events like World Youth Day or a young saint’s canonization (recently, Saint José Sanchez del Río), tend to spawn a…

priesthood sunday

Priesthood Sunday: A day to promote vocations and honor those who have responded to the call

In the United States, on Sunday, October 28th, we celebrate Priesthood Sunday. Hopefully, your parish has something planned that will raise…

faith The False Abyss Between Faith and Life: "Freedom to Flourish"
Faith & Life

The False Abyss Between Faith And Life: “Freedom to Flourish”

The division between faith and life, between Sunday and every other day, between God’s time and our’s, is one of…

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