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Pokémon Woah! Car Accidents and Other Dangers of the Popular New Game

The newest game trend in mobile gaming is a game called Pokémon Go. It has been developed by Nintendo based…


How Can You Destroy a Relationship With Just One Look?

Have you ever simply sat and observed how others look? I am not referring to their outer appearance, rather to how…


Why Enchantment and Awe are So Important to Christianity

Lila –a dreamer, an artist– reimagines reality in her afternoon of village encounters.  As she moves about town, observing the…


More Than Just Stereotypes: When “Virtual” Ends Up Ruining the “Now” (Funny!)

Today’s video is a funny and witty parody (criticism) of one the most successful apps of the last few years….

Faith & Life

When Vanity Strikes!

Cupidon, made by a group from ESMA in Montpellier, France is a short animation, which tells the story of what…

artificial life
Love and Friendship

Losing Memories: When an Artificial Life is Swept Away, What’s Left?

This short video is based in Paris in the year 2020. A beautiful couple enjoys a day taking pictures together. …

Pennyhouse´s Palace of Solitude: A Video About the Need for Others
Love and Friendship

Pennyhouse´s Palace of Solitude: A Video About the Need for Others

My private space, my rules, my decisions, my times, etc. The perfect life? “A man by the name of Frederick…