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Prolife Generation Prolife every day

Want To Be Pro-life? Stop Doing These 10 Things!

The March for Life is over and unfortunately, many people now think their duties to the pro-life cause are done…

Pro-life story of hope Connie McEldowney

The Incredible Story Of A Pro-life Woman

What does it mean to be pro-life? It’s more than prayers. It’s even more than marching in Washington D.C. and…

catholic Down Syndrome Pro-life Video

People With Down Syndrome Are Applying To Be On The Endangered List

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society has created this powerful video to raise awareness and they need your help in making…

pro-life millennials
Catholic Media

Pro-Life, Female Millennials: Beyond Political Affiliations

What does being pro-life mean to you? In a short video released by America Magazine and The Culture Project, seven…

This is the most beautiful recitation of Psalm 139

The Most Beautiful Recitation of Psalm 139 That You Will Ever Hear

The beautiful story of a mom who wrote a letter to a doctor who had recommended she get an abortion…

They were pro-choice, but what they saw in this video changed their minds

They were pro-choice, but what they saw in this video changed their minds

Have you ever accepted something as truth and after coming to a better understanding of the issue, changed your mind?…


Feminist’s attack on Argentina Cathedral and the Response of Faith (Very Graphic)

The video speaks for itself.  The attack took place on Sunday, November 24th, during the National Women’s Encounter, which annually brings…

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