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Holy Family Caravaggio
Desire for Infinity

How Parenthood Is The Ultimate Act of Letting Go | Catholic Bible Study

Gospel Reflection for the Feast of the Holy Family Every one of us, to greater or lesser degree, feels the…


“The Lighthouse” – A Beautiful Animated Short About Fatherhood

I write this article on the first anniversary of my father´s death and first year in heaven. And it is…


Children are so much work – are they worth it?

At a first glance, the idea of parenthood and having children is pretty insane. Parenthood is demanding. From the moment of…


7 Things I Didn’t Fully Understand Before Parenthood

Each of us has a vocation from God and mine happens to be marriage. My husband and I got married…

a letter to my kids

In “A Letter To My Kids” This Dad Expresses What All Parents Feel

This video is one of a series produced by SoulPancake, looking at what it means to be a father today,…

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