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speedskater olympic nun
Faith & Life

Check Out What USA Today Had To Say About This Nun And Former Olympic Star

The Winter Olympics are upon us and there is no shortage of amazing stories from the 2018 Games already. But…

Catholic news stories

15 News Stories that Impacted Catholics in 2016

  Take some time to reflect on these events from 2016 with your spouse, family, prayer group, or friends for…

vocations prayer

Meet Two Former Olympians Now Leading Others to Religious Vocations

Throughout the Olympics, I have grown attached to some of the athletes competing for Gold. Many of them quickly went…

catholic olympians

UPDATED – 8 Catholic Olympians to Watch in Rio

Pope Francis offered these words to the Olympians competing in Rio, “In a world thirsting for peace, tolerance, and reconciliation,…

Catholic athlete
Faith & Life

5 Things Every Catholic Athlete Should Be Doing

Being involved in sports can help us to obtain virtues – self-control, perseverance, integrity and many more. We learn what…

Behind Every Great Accomplishment, There Is A Great Mother Catholic

Behind Every Great Accomplishment, There Is A Great Mother

“Thank you, Mom. Pick Them Back Up” is a commercial that reminds us that courage and decisiveness aren’t self-made attitudes….

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