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catholic christmas carols nuns seminarians

7 Christmas Carols From Nuns, Seminarians, And A Priest To Get You In The Spirit

Need a Christmas playlist? We suggest these Christmas carols sung by nuns, seminarians, and a priest! Not only will they put…

catholic religous orders
Consecrated Life

9 Infographics to Help Take the Confusion out of Identifying Religious Orders of the Church

Do you ever get confused by the many religious orders that the Catholic Church has? Each individual order has their…

offer it up
Faith & Life

15 Real-life Examples of How to “Offer It Up” (and the meaning behind the phrase)

“Oh, Caleb, just offer it up!” I’ve probably uttered this phrase in exasperation a few more times than necessary. It’s…

Catholic Church

National Geographic Reveals “The Secret Lives of Mexican Nuns”

“When I began this project, I thought of nuns as always dour and serious.” So says Marcela Taboada in her…

5 Things to Know About Consecrated Virgins
Faith & Life

5 Things to Know About Consecrated Virgins

In the history of Catholic-Link, we’ve never recommended that you read an article from Cosmopolitan, but that changes today! On…

Sr. Cristina

Sister Cristina’s Rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

Sister Cristina is the recent winner of “The Voice” in Italy and she just released her new album “Sister Cristina”….

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