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10 Great Questions to Ask Before Watching A Movie (Especially With a Group)

We at Catholic-Link firmly believe that videos can be great resources for apostolate: that’s basically our raison d’etre. And what…

Walter Mitty

Recommended Apostolic Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013)

Sometimes we think that our whole life has to be an endless adventure full of adrenaline and that, if it’s…


3 Reasons “The Case for Christ” Will Be A Great Film For Your Apostolate

The Case for Christ on DVD has just been released and I’m so excited to be able to view this great…


This Year’s Oscar Candidates: Five Films of Interest to Catholics

It’s the that time of year again when “Oscar buzz” starts to fill the air and films and individual performances…

moana Catholic review

Moana: An Example of Self-Knowledge and Selfless Heroism

Most of us are well versed in the typical Disney princess movie: Prince Charming, Damsel-in-distress, sleeping-spells, dragons, and evil witches….

Faith & Life

Hacksaw Ridge (2016): A tale of courage and faith in the midst of violence

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Hacksaw Ridge, I encourage you to make time this weekend to go…

Ben Hur
History of the Church

Themes of Mercy and Forgiveness Abound in “Ben-Hur” (2016)

An updated version of the 1959 classic movie “Ben-Hur”  is currently playing in theaters across the country. The much-anticipated blockbuster hit…


7 Movies to Watch During the Year of Mercy

Looking for creative ways to live out the Year of Mercy? Watching movies can be a great way to identify themes…