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Does It Matter What Liturgical Ministers Wear To Mass?

<< This article is the sequel to Does It Matter What You Wear To Mass >> Serving on Sunday If…


Top 5 Myths About Catholic Virgins

Living a life of chastity is probably one of the most challenging calls of Catholic disciples today! There are so…

quiz what should you be for halloween catholic
Faith & Life

QUIZ: What Should You Be For Halloween? (And One Thing You Shouldn’t Be)

It’s that time of year again in which we are bombarded with Halloween costume ideas. Everyone is looking for the…

Star System Sexual Virtue catholic beauty culture image worth
Faith & Life

This Animation Shows How Quickly The Culture Destroys Women

This insightful animation from Moondog Animation Studios is a part of the Willy Grunch series. Willy Grunch “is a carefree…

modesty A Catholic Teen's Thoughts And Tips On Modesty
Faith & Life

A Catholic Teen’s Thoughts And Tips On Modesty

The teen years are a time when fashion is at the forefront of most girls’ minds. Everyone wants to fit…

Faith & Life

Watch As the Evolution of the Swimsuit Reveals How We Think About Beauty

As Catholics, we must reconquer the battle ground known as “beauty.” I currently live in Italy, and I am continually impressed by…

9 quotes on purity and chastity

9 Quotes On Chastity To Help You When You Feel Tempted

One of the most difficult aspects of the Christian life is to master the virtue of chastity.  It seems that…

Faith & Life

5 Tips for Spending Alone Time with your Girlfriend Without Having to go to Confession the Next Day

Imagine this (it’s pure fiction):  It’s never happened in real life, so I doubt you’ll be able to identify with…

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