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millennial priests
Consecrated Life

Millennial Priests: The Change that the Church Needed?

A little while ago, TIME magazine published an article about a phenomenon that’s becoming more and more common in the…

8beats catholic millennials
Catholic Media

Millennial Catholics Are Revolutionizing Film With The “8BEATS” Project

Seventy of the top Catholic filmmakers throughout the US and Canada are coming together to create an 8-part anthology film…

young adults

i.d.9:16 is Exactly What Most Young Adults Are Searching For

Today’s world can be difficult for Catholic young adults. Many times you look around at Mass and think, “Where are…

Faith & Life

8 Reasons Why #Adulting is Actually Pretty Awesome!

Millennials! I don’t know about you, but as a young person, all the argument about whether millennials are the most…

Catholic Faith

Millennials and Microaggressions: Why the Sacrament of Confession is More Necessary Than Ever

In adolescence we often believe (at least subconsciously) that all the good that has come to us is there on…