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Latino Stereotypes In The Catholic Church
Catholic Church

Mythbusting Latino Stereotypes In The Church: Why Focusing On A Minority (That’s Actually A Majority) Matters

Did you know at least 63% of Catholics under 18 and more than half of those in their twenties in…

Faith & Life

A Few Spiritual Lessons From Captain America

Captain America: The First Avenger – Almost a decade has past since we first saw this origin story, and I…

Catholic podcast list
Catholic Media

A Comprehensive List of Catholic Podcasts for Every Interest

Hipster, scholarly, or humorous? Prayer guide, liturgical interest, or practical advice? Masculine, feminine, coffee, or diapers? All of the above?…

priests on social media

A Comprehensive List of Social Media Priests Bishops, Archbishops, and Cardinals to Follow

Though many point out the evil and harm of social media, we all have the choice to use social media…

These 18 Celebrities Had the Chance to Meet the Pope

These 18 Celebrities Had the Chance to Meet the Pope

It has always been a common practice for the Pope to meet with world leaders such as politicians and religious…

Jimmy Fallon’s Search for Meaning
Catholic Media

Jimmy Fallon’s Search for Meaning

Late night host Jimmy Fallon recently spent 10 days in the ICU recovering from a fall in which he severely injured…

Pope Francis
Holy Father

(Trivia Quiz) Did Pope Francis Really Say That?

In today’s media age, one cannot simply take for granted everything that appears on our Facebook newsfeed. A while back…


A Message of Love from A Woman to All Women: You Are Loveable

I love this music video by the musician Colby Caillat. She communicates a poignant message, made all the more powerful…

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