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What To Wear To Church

Does It Matter What You Wear To Mass?

Dress to Impress? I want to make something clear from the outset. This article is NOT about dressing to impress…

kids Mass Box

Young Kids and Mass: Trials and Triumphs!

Yup, that topic. Young children and the Mass. Little did I know seven years ago, before our first was born,…

sing at mass Catholic music catholic singers
Catholic Faith

Should You Sing at Mass Even If You Can’t Carry a Tune?

Sometimes the choir sounds so beautiful at Mass that it’s tempting to not join in singing. You’re inclined to just sit…

How to go to Catholic Church

9 Tip Survival Guide for Returning to Mass When You Haven’t Been In Awhile

This article is for you, especially for you, if you have been thinking about going back to Mass this Christmas…

How to Go to Catholic Mass Tips for Catholic Mass
Catholic Faith

10 Things You Should Know About Catholic Mass Etiquette

A few weeks ago during Mass the people in the pew behind me would not stop talking. They chatted away…

do you need to go to Mass quiz
Catholic Faith

Quiz – Is it a Sin to Skip Mass on a Holy Day of Obligation?

Each time I hear the phrase “Holy Day of Obligation,” I cringe just a little. Not because I don’t want…

what does it mean to go in peace catholic mass
Catholic Faith

How to “Go in Peace, Glorifying the Lord by your Life”

Do you ever think about these words said to us by the priest at the end of Mass? Too often,…

Is It A Sin To Be Bored At Mass?
Catholic Faith

Is It A Sin To Be Bored At Mass?

This short video from Mark Hart, “Bored at Mass?”, will most likely speak to each and every one of us…

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