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Mark Wahlberg Prays God Will Forgive Him For His Past Movie Roles

Catholic-Link has written a few posts on Mark Wahlberg and his conversion to Catholicism, but each time we share them…


Mark Wahlberg’s Sends Incredibly Inspiring Video to Support Priestly Vocations

While almost anyone knows who Mark Wahlberg is and has seen at least one of his movies, few know about…

Watch Mark Wahlberg Ask the Pope's Forgiveness for Starring in 'Ted'
Faith & Life

Watch Mark Wahlberg Ask the Pope’s Forgiveness for Starring in ‘Ted’

Will God have a sense of humor when it comes to Mark Wahlberg’s performance in the movies Ted and Ted 2? While…

Mark Wahlberg mark-wahlberg- catholic conversion story

From Prison to Faith: The Conversion of Mark Wahlberg

I must confess that writing posts on Hollywood conversions can be terrifying. We Catholics tend to get excited when an actor…

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