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10 Qualities Of A Man Of God

Does the Person You’re in Love With Have These 10 Essential Qualities?

There is no feeling quite like being in love. It’s a time in life when you are truly overwhelmed with…

Catholic Faith

Adoration: The Ultimate Act and Habit of Friendship

One of the most fruitful yet daunting experiences in my life has been Eucharistic Adoration. Just a few years ago,…


17 Things Men Would Like Women to Know

Recently I received a recommendation from a reader who said he appreciated my post about chivalry, but frankly was kind…

john lewis christmas ad catholic discussion

A Girl, A Telescope and An Old Man – What Do They Have To Do With Advent?

The video we are presenting in today’s post, #ManontheMoon, offers us a beautiful story that helps us to remember some…


What makes a man strong? (Hint: we’re not talking about weights, wallets, or women)

While men are often presented by secular society as being either dumb, clumsy, absent-minded, lazy or authoritative and controlling, this…

Catholic Faith

Just a Man or Something More? The Video That Will Change How You See Both Christ and Yourself

The decision of belief is, above all, one dealing with our existence. Between “yes” and “no” gapes an abyss. While…

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