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story of the prodigal son reflection on bible catholic
Faith & Life

What If I’m Not the Prodigal Son? (Part 2)

Some time ago I wrote Part One of this article and then promised a Part Two. I stalled on writing…

God Holds Together Pentecost
Faith & Life

How The Voice of God Holds Us Together When We Cannot

  When the string of a pearl necklace snaps and the pearls fly off in all directions, bouncing across a…

Quotes on Friendship from the Saints

10 Quotes on Friendship From the Saints That You’ll Want to Share With Your Bestie

The Saints understood the value of a good friend. Friends that encourage us and inspire us in our faith are an…

Faith & Life

“Shoes”: The Price of Comparing Ourselves with Others

Today’s short video, directed by Nima Raoofi, shows us the sadness of a child who compares his poor and pitiful…

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