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Holy Father

Remembering The Wisdom of St. Pope John Paul II: 15 Inspirational Quotes

Pope St. John Paul II is rightly nicknamed John Paul the Great because of his tremendous impact on so many…

Holy Father

Saint John Paul II: Why did we love him so much?

Twelve years have passed since our beloved Saint John Paul II passed on and entered into God’s loving embrace, yet his…

john paul II
Holy Father

How a Saint Responds When Elected Pope – A Powerful Video Clip of St. John Paul II

Is there any experience like that of being elected as the Vicar of Christ? Where does the strength and courage…

Theology of the Body
Morals & Values

Theology of the Body: Does the Catholic Church Believe Sex is a Sin?

How can you follow a Church that still believes that sex is a sin? This is the question one friend…

Catholic Faith

Saint John Paul II Singing Dynamite: “Perhaps I Love You More”

When I saw this video, I couldn’t help but smile. It is an extremely creative and fun “remix” of a…

Holy Father

Mayfeelings IV: John Paul II, the Virgin and the youth


Mary’s faith at the Annunciation inaugurates the New Covenant

Mary’s faith can also be compared to that of Abraham, whom St. Paul calls “our father in faith” (cf. Rom….

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