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Angels We HAve Heard Oh High Catholic Christmas

“Angels We Have Heard On High” As You’ve Never Heard It Before!

The event that we are about to celebrate brings not only joy to ourselves, but  to the entire universe. As…

catholic goals more to life

Is There More To Life Than Your #Goals?

Life is never stagnant. It moves us, even without our consent. But where are you going? What are you looking…

Jesus Christ

Interview with Bono: “Jesus was either the Son of God or nuts!”

Before beginning, I would like to reaffirm what I said in the introduction of my post about the conversion of…

What Is The Magnitude Of God's Love On The Cross? Catholic Lent "That 1 Day" - Video That Demonstrates The Magnitude Of God's Love On The Cross

What Is The Magnitude Of God’s Love On The Cross?

Our friends at Outside da Box and Likability have once again produced an excellent video in service of the faith….

Holy Week Explained
Jesus Christ

Holy Week Explained In 2 Minutes!

Today’s video offers a brief and condensed explanation of Holy Week, a time in the liturgical calendar very rich in…

sin The More I Try The Worse It Gets: How Sin Is Unlike Any Other Problem

The More I Try The Worse It Gets: How Sin Is Unlike Any Other Problem

Today’s video is an excellent production by CRU Global. It’s a flying 4 minutes that leads us through a series…

Faith & Life

Our Culture Has No Idea How Much God Loves Us Because We No Longer Understand the Definition of Love

Call everything “special,” and shortly it will begin to mean “ordinary.” Say that you love everything, and soon people will…

Holy Father

Saint John Paul II Singing Dynamite: “Perhaps I Love You More”

When I saw this video, I couldn’t help but smile. It is an extremely creative and fun “remix” of a…

Once We Discover Christ, Only He Can Satiate our Thirst for Beauty

From this point, nothing else seems lovely to me, but I have turned away from all things that were thought…

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