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Faith is a Gift: Following 4 Seminarians on Pilgrimage to Iraq

A few weeks ago, four seminarians from Michigan embarked on a pilgrimage to Iraq. Iraq may seem like an unusual…

Iraq's Archbishop

The Powerful Message Iraq’s Archbishop Gave at World Youth Day

World Youth Day in Krakow Poland was a huge, week-long event with catechesis in multiple languages all over the city….


5 Things You Can Do To Help Persecuted Christians: An Iraqi Priest Shares His Thoughts

Softly spoken, with a gentle demeanor, Fr Douglas Bazi delivers his message for the camera with quiet but unapologetic firmness….

An Astonishingly Beautiful Icon to Remember the 21 Coptic Christians Martyred by ISIS

An Astonishingly Beautiful Icon to Remember the 21 Coptic Christians Martyred by ISIS

Do you remember the date of 13th February 2015? It was on this day that 21 Coptic Christians were martyred…

A 9-Year-Old Watched a Video about Forgiving ISIS, What She Did Next Will Blow You Away

Today’s post is thanks to a fourth grade student named Caroline Peplinski. A while back, we decided to share a…

A Hope that can Never Be Defeated: A letter to ISIS from the People of the Cross

“Love is coming after you… An army comes, an army of martyrs. They carry a message of life. They are…

Catholic Church

They blew up my church with missiles. This is my response to ISIS.

We have wanted to do a compilation of three videos that are testaments of faith, forgiveness, and unity among our…

Existence of God

How to Respond to ISIS? This Little Iraqi Girl Figured it Out

Myriam is an Iraqi Christian whose family had to flee their home near Mosul when ISIS took control of their…

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