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catholic difference between love and infatuation
Faith & Life

Is It Really Love? The Question All Dating Couples Should Ask

This short film, “I Miss You,” produced by The Beyond Project gives words to the emotions that many feel after they’ve…

Catholic when to say I love
Faith & Life

4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Saying “I Love You” To Another

When I like you is enough, hope is enkindled with the possible fulfillment of reciprocal like. The fulfillment of that…

wait until marriage
Controversial Subjects

Wait Until Marriage? Yes, It Is Full Of Joy!

Nowadays, waiting to have sex until marriage is an “out-of-date” idea, but as the video explains, there is a deeper…

Theology of the Body Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?
Morals & Values

Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?

How can you follow a Church that still believes that sex is a sin? This is the question one friend…

in sickness and in health

In Sickness and In Health: The Incredible Story Of A Marriage Founded In God

Here is an excellent video for those doing apostolate with married couples or those preparing for marriage. It leaves us…

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