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Statues and Icons Catholic

Images and Statues in Secular Culture: Part 2

If you have not read part 1, please read that first for the appropriate context: Thought, Word, and Spirit The…

6 Things To Notice About Mary And Eve In This Beautiful Image

6 Things To Notice In This Beautiful Image of Mary and Eve

The image we are reflecting on today is titled Mary and Eve. It is a crayon & pencil drawing created by Sr….

Faith & Life

Radiant Magazine Review and Giveaway!

I recently had the privilege of reviewing the magazine ‘Radiant’, a publication that describes itself as “covering traditional topics of…

image change
Faith & Life

Watch this video and in 6 seconds this model will completely change how you view her

This talk was given by Cameron Russell for TEDx. TED is a not for profit organization which, in its own…

our look
Faith & Life

Why Do We Change Our Look?

For five and a half years (2006-2012), the girl in today’s video took photos with different “looks”. In 50 seconds,…

How the Media Affects Self-image and Desires: A Powerful Video Explanation
Morals & Values

How the Media Affects Self-Image and Desires: A Powerful Video Explanation

“Doll Face” is a video published by Global Short Film Network and made by Andy Huang. It proposes a critique…

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