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talk with your children about same-sex marriage

9 Catholic Resources To Help You Talk With Your Children About Same-Sex Marriage And Gender Issues

When Disney’s Beauty and the Beast was released in theaters it broke many records with a $170 million opening, but…

same sex Pope Francis' View On Same-Sex Marriage In 6 Points

6 Points To Better Understand Pope Francis’ View On Same Sex Marriage

We were somewhat taken aback by some of the negative responses garnered by some recent posts on same-sex issues.  Specifically, that…

same-sex marriage

5 Reasons Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Harm Children

Proponents of same-sex marriage believe the only thing children really need is love. Based on that supposition, they conclude it’s…

How does homosexual marriage benefit a society?

The video is produced by the National Organization for Marriage (USA) and takes on the subject of homosexuality from a…

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