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Is Patriotism a Virtue Catholic?

The Virtue Of Patriotism

The Virtue of Justice Before we can begin to understand patriotism as a virtue, we have to first look to…

Catholic summer vacation family
Faith & Life

5 Ways To Encounter God On Vacation

Time for Vacation Summer is here and school is out. It’s time for a vacation. Many families, the world over,…

7 Super Ideas to Replace the Typical New Year’s Superstitions

7 Spiritual Ideas To Replace The Typical New Year’s Superstitions

The New Year, as a celebration, is a strange thing, nice, but strange. The tenderness, peace, and quiet lived during…

christmas Christmas Without Christ Is Just An Empty Tradition

Christmas Without Christ Is Just An Empty Tradition

In this short animated film, urban poet, Rael James Mason, explores what Christmas is all about trying to help people think…

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