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This U.S. Army Special Forces Sergeant Leads Wounded Warriors To Our Lady of Lourdes

As a United States Army Special Forces First Sergeant, Sompaul Vorapanich has accomplished much in the military while defending freedom…

When A Child's Question Brought Super Bowl QB Tom Brady (Nearly) To Tears

When A Child’s Question Brought Super Bowl QB Tom Brady (Nearly) To Tears

I am obviously not a father, and not a son. I have a father, and I have a Father, but…


25 Photos that Confirm that Being a Father is the 2nd Most Beautiful Thing in the World

I would ask that you take the title with a sense of humor as it is meant be. After recently…

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Powerful Footage of Everyday Heroes – Would You Risk Your Life to Save Another?

Catholic-link.com – Two videos of everyday heroes who risk their lives to save others. What would you do in these…

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