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Faith & Life

What Are Girls Made Of? We Share Our Advice For Young Girls

“What are girls made of?” That’s the question this Nike commercial asks. “Made of flowers and rings, gossip and marmalade,…

Adulting8 Reasons Why #Adulting is Actually Pretty Awesome!
Faith & Life

8 Reasons Why #Adulting Is Actually Pretty Awesome!

Millennials! I don’t know about you, but as a young person, all the argument about whether millennials are the most…

Faith & Life

The 6 Battles Of Youth That Adults Must Not Forget

Life passes quickly. One moment you are twelve years old playing in the street, and today you are an adult,…

Stand By Me
Saint Quotes

Stand by me (1986)

 Stand by me is a beautiful, nostalgic production based on a Stephen King novella. The story is told through flashbacks…

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