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“13 Reasons Why” and 13 Important Conversations; Suicide Prevention and Compassion for Struggling Teens

Viewer beware: This Netflix series contains language, scenes of rape, normalization of same-sex romance, teen partying, graphic suicide, assault, and…

Godly Responses to the 12 Most Asked Rude
Faith & Life

Godly Responses to the 12 Most Asked Rude, Awkward, and Embarrassing Questions

Like it or not, the chances are good that when you are in a social situation, you will most likely…

Faith & Life

The “Poison” of Gossip According to Pope Francis

When I first read Pope Francis’ thoughts on gossip, I was both surprised and relieved- and chastened. His words about…

Faith & Life

6 Good Reasons… err Excuses for Why We Gossip

Why do we gossip? 1. “Because we have nothing better to do, to make time pass.” 2. “I think to…