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There's Something Therapeutic About Watching The Restoration Of This Painting Of Mary

There’s Something Therapeutic About Watching The Restoration Of This Painting Of Mary

Watch and marvel as this artist meticulously restores a 150-year-old beautiful painting of Our Lady.  Julian Baumgartner of the Baumgartner…

catholic judgement and mercy social teaching

Mercy and Judgment: A Biblical Conflict

Deep within the Christian debate over sin lies a conflict between two recurring themes in the Bible: judgment and mercy….


“But I’m Too Shy To Evangelize…” THINK AGAIN! Jesus Still Calls You to Bring Souls to His Church

If I were a dwarf in Snow White, I’d be Bashful—not knowing what to say or when to speak and…

7 Characteristics Of God's Forgiveness And Mercy

7 Characteristics Of God’s Forgiveness And Mercy

In my post, 9 Things I Would Like To Have Known Before Getting Married, one of the points that raised a…

How to go to Confession visual Guide

A 7 Step Visual Guide For Going To Confession

If you’re thinking of going to Confession, but it has been a while, this post is for you. Going to…

Catholic Media

Excellent Video for Teaching about Confession

SophiaSketchPad.org has produced another excellent video that helps to understand and explain the sacrament of confession. If you go to…

How to go to Confession

How To Go To Confession (Video)

Whether this is a refresher or an introduction, this film creatively walks through the Sacrament of Reconciliation in a way…

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

To Married Couples: “Live together in the forgiveness of your sins”

God gives you Christ as the foundation of your marriage. ‘Welcome one another, therefore, as Christ has welcomed you, for…

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