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advertisement Love In The Time of Advertising

Love In The Time of Advertising

Written by Matt Berenty and David Bokser, “Love in the Time of Advertising” is “An animated musical love story about a…

World's View

New Year’s Resolution: Get Off the Drug of Television.

Today’s video was inspired by the Todd Alcott poem, Television. Going on around us is an absolutely colossal struggle for your…

Love Costs Everything Christian Martyrs

“Love Costs Everything” – A History of Christian Martyrs

Pope Francis recently said, “It is true that during the time of Nero many Christians were persecuted, and today there…

physical rehabilitation
Faith & Life

Her “I may fall down 7 times… But, I will get up 8” Attitude Will Push You to Greatness

Today’s video is the story of a woman who had been paralyzed from the neck down. It would take her…

catholic spiritual high
Faith & Life

Faith, Freedom and the Pursuit of Spiritual Highs

This video is brought to us by Blimey Cow, a parody vlog of “mockumentaries” whose cross-examination of teen and Christian…

When the World Sends You Garbage, What Do You Send Back?

The Landfill Harmonic movie is a miraculous love story set in one of the world’s most destitute slums, a slum built…

Faith & Life

“I knew that I didn’t ever want to live like that again.” – The Pain that Comes When You Can’t Forgive

Many of us undergo moments in our lives that sting. They leave us furious, hurt, shocked by the absurdity and…

Jesus said
Faith & Life

Should Jesus Have Said Things Differently?

Do you remember the Gospel in which Jesus says, “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the…

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