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Love and Friendship

When a Catholic Falls in Love: 8 Crazy Situations We’ve All Experienced

Raise your hand, those of you who’ve never fallen in love! I’m certain we can’t hear a peep. We have…

15 Ways to Win A Catholic Girls' Heart

15 Tips For Every Catholic Man Seeking To Win A Woman’s Heart

For many young men, approaching a lady is not an easy task. There’s the fear of rejection, of looking foolish,…

Love Stories
Love and Friendship

Does God intervene in Love Stories? (A Providential Animation)

God’s ways are always surprising. You don’t need to be overly pious to realize how reality is like a fine…


5 Characteristics of Falling in Love that Change Your Christian Life Now

“Nothing is more practical than finding God, than falling in Love in a quiet absolute, final way. What you are…

People Chase After Love And Then Forget About THIS!

“It’s ironic that people chase after love yet forget or ignore the fact that ‪Love (God) is chasing after them….

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