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“But I’m Too Shy To Evangelize…” THINK AGAIN! Jesus Still Calls You to Bring Souls to His Church

If I were a dwarf in Snow White, I’d be Bashful—not knowing what to say or when to speak and…

15 Excuses to Not Go To Confession (Answered!) Reconciliation Penance

15 Excuses To Not Go To Confession (Answered!)

Benedict XVI said: “There is a close link between holiness and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The actual conversion of the…

15 Typical Excuses People Give For Not Going To Mass...And How To Respond!

15 Typical Excuses People Give For Not Going To Mass…And How To Respond!

It’s all too easy to find some reason not to go to Mass. All of us probably have at least one…

Faith & Life

Lazarus Was Dead and God Still Used Him. What’s Your Excuse for Being Unqualified?

Igniter media offers a video called the “March of the Unqualified.” It tries to respond to the thought: “God can’t…

The Problem With Excuses...We All Have One
Faith & Life

The Problem With Excuses…We All Have One

Today’s video is part of an ad campaign run by Nike. The general idea is clear: many times we complain…

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