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Catholic purity tips men chastity Forged

5 Essential Tips For Young Adult Men To Live A Pure Life

Let’s face it. Purity is not always the easiest virtue to cultivate. And our culture isn’t giving young men any…

catholic pornography addiction

How To Quit Pornography…From Someone Who Has Been There

Three years ago, today, I published a blog about my personal struggle with pornography. Before that day, I had never…

pornography 11 Steps To Break Porn Addiction

11 Steps To Quit Viewing Pornography

I wish I could say that this post is only for that “small group” of people addicted to pornography. Would…

pornography The Side Effect Of Pornography That No One Talks About

The Side Effect Of Pornography That No One Talks About

Most people are aware that pornography brings with it –even from a purely secular point of view– some seriously negative…

Is It Possible To Sustain A Relationship For More Than 4 Weeks Without Sex?

Let’s break this down. Elna Baker is a young Mormon woman who lives in New York. Her testimony of life…

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3 Apostolic Videos That You Need to See this Summer!

Catholic-link.com – Summertime is usually a time for resting, having fun, and perhaps a bit of traveling. At the same…

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