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World Mission Sunday Catholic Extraordinary Missionary Month

Embrace Your Mission | Extraordinary Missionary Month

When people hear the word “missionary”, most people think of someone who travels to another country to share the Gospel,…

Catholic volunteer programs to help others
Social Justice

How To Decide Where You Should Volunteer Your Time

Another year brings fresh New Year’s Resolution attempts. Back in 2016, I made a resolution to volunteer, but at the…

gospel reflection seeking

You’re Seeking Something… But What? | Catholic Bible Study

“Do Thou give strength to seek… My strength and my infirmity are in Thy sight: preserve the one, and heal…

Gospel reflection vocation 3 Spiritual Exercises To Help Discern Your Vocation

3 Spiritual Exercises To Help Discern Your Vocation

3 Spiritual Exercises to Help Discern Your Vocation 3 Spiritual Exercises to help discern your vocation. 1. Think about Courage:…


Is God Calling Me? 7 Tips To Discern If God Is Calling You To Consecrated Life

When I talk about vocation, many get scared at just the though of it. The first things that come to…

7 Reasons You Can't Figure Out What Vocation You're Called To
Faith & Life

7 Reasons You Can’t Figure Out What Vocation You’re Called To

One of the great joys of being a teacher is watching my students’ growing awareness of who or what they want…

heroic priesthood How To Go “All-In” With God With This Awesome Vocations Video
Consecrated Life

Vocations Video: How To Go “All-In” With God

Responding to a vocation takes guts. Whether it’s a calling to marriage with that special someone, to the silence of…

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