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Young Kids and Mass: Trials and Triumphs!

Yup, that topic. Young children and the Mass. Little did I know seven years ago, before our first was born,…

catholic how to spend time with children
Faith & Life

6 Things You Can Do to Make the Most of Your Time With Your Children

I’ve never understood those commercials that always pop-up around this time of year showing parents rejoicing as they send kids back-to-school…


Letter from a Single Dad – You are not alone this Father’s Day (or any day)

In the United States, the number of single dads continues to increase.  In the 1960’s there were just 300,000 households…

websites for catholic fathers
Catholic Media

5 Websites Every Catholic Dad Should Visit

A few months ago, we put together a list of 5 great Catholic websites for Moms (in addition to Catholic…

15 Reasons Dads Are Awesome

15 Reasons Dads Are Awesome

Our culture places many pressures on fathers today. They must be strong, yet sensitive; hardworking, yet spend quality time with…


A Daughter’s Letter to Her Porn-Addicted Father

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]erhaps one of the greatest lies of our times is that what goes on in your head, in your interior,…


Cheerios Ad that Portrays Dads as They Should Be

I wanted to share this Cheerios Ad because of its refreshing image of fatherhood. The whole cliché of the idiot-dad-that-can’t-do-anything-right-but-we-pity-him-and-laugh-anyway…

Faith & Life

Dad, I need you.

We have all said it more than once: “Daddy!” The magic word, a trumpet capable of calling in reinforcements for…