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Resurrection Hope | Liturgy Live 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

This week on the podcast, we talk about the hope of the coming Resurrection through Christ. The first reading shows…

same-sex attraction

12 Keys to Understanding Same-Sex Attraction and Christian Life

Let’s start out by saying that when we talk about same-sex attraction, what’s important is acceptance and tolerance. We aren’t…

Gospel reflection vocation

3 Spiritual Exercises to Help Discern Your Vocation

3 Spiritual Exercises to Help Discern Your Vocation 2 Spiritual Exercises to help discern your vocation. 1. Think about Courage:…

How to Look Suffering in the Eye Gospel Reflection

How to Look Suffering in the Eye

Gospel of the 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Mt. 16:21-27) Jesus began to show his disciples that he must go…

same-sex attraction

10 Resources for Individuals and Families Dealing with Same-Sex Attraction

“Look at the face of the other.… Discover that he has a soul, a history, and a life, that he…


“Who do you say that I am?” 3 Key Points and a Video on Christian Testimony

What does it mean to testify to Jesus Christ? Have you ever had the opportunity to proclaim your faith? Peter’s…

Gospel reflection

How Do You Deal With Haters? What Jesus Teaches About Patience and Courage (Gospel Reflection)

In today’s Gospel reflection, Father Ian VanHeusen presents a spiritual exercise based on the readings for Sunday’s Mass. St. Ignatius…


Terror Attacks and Tragic Catastrophes: 8 Points on How To Respond to Extreme Fear

My New Year’s Resolution this year was to try and live out the commandment that appears so often in the…

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