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catholic prophet poor service Fr. Rob Adams
Consecrated Life

From Seminarian to Plumber: How One Priest Is Serving America’s Poor

When we hear Bible words like “salvation”, “redemption”, and “covenant”, it can be easy to file them away as relics…

how to catholic social teaching

Applying Catholic Social Teaching (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1 of this series, find it here!   Gray Areas? The center of Catholic Social Teaching…

Faith & Life

Catholic Social Teaching: What It Is and Why It Is so Important!

In this first part of a two-part series on Catholic Social Teaching, we explore the seven main themes. This is…

“13 Reasons Why” and 13 Important Conversations; Suicide Prevention and Compassion for Struggling Teens

Viewer beware: This Netflix series contains language, scenes of rape, normalization of same-sex romance, teen partying, graphic suicide, assault, and…

How To Move On When You Can't Forgive

How To Move On When You Can’t Forgive

I can’t forgive. Not always and never easily. It is hard to forgive and sometimes I don’t want to forgive….

indiference This Lent Give Up Indifference And Start Caring | Catholic-Link.org

This Lent Give Up Indifference And Start Caring

Pope Francis invited us last Lent to give up our indifference and the message is still powerful today. This video…

singing nurse Watch This Beautiful Act of Love As A Nurse Sings To His Patients
Love and Friendship

Watch This Beautiful Act of Love As A Nurse Sings To His Patients

Meet Jared Axen, Los Angeles’ “singing” nurse whose voice began to catch the attention of his patients when he was…

life This beautiful video captures the miracle of life. Using ultrasound images it shows the development of a baby in its mother’s womb.

The Miracle of Life: Answering One Question With Two Others

This beautiful video comes from Real Alternatives, a non-profit group that works to support and provide alternatives to abortion for…

St. Justin Martyr

Do You Pray For Your Enemies Daily?

We pray for our enemies; we seek to persuade those who hate us without cause to live conformably to the…

Too Bitter To Look Upon Lepers?

When I was in my sins, it seemed a thing too bitter to look on lepers, and the Lord himself…

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