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celebrating the 12 days of Christmas Catholic

How To Live Out The Full Season of Christmas: Daily Video Reflections And Practical Ideas

Does the Christmas celebration seem focused on just one day? Do you desire to find a way to celebrate the…

Catholic Christmas books for kids

12 Children’s Books To Read For The 12 Days Of Christmas

Did you know that Christmas is just beginning on December 25th? It’s another amazing aspect of the Catholic faith. The…

Bethlehemian Rhapsody Catholic Puppets

Delightful Muppet Parodies Of The Christmas Story

Whether it be to bring a little joy to do your day or lighten up your talk about the Advent…

christmas Christmas Without Christ Is Just An Empty Tradition

Christmas Without Christ Is Just An Empty Tradition

In this short animated film, urban poet, Rael James Mason, explores what Christmas is all about trying to help people think…

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