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christian Zach Ertz Superbowl Testimony

Even Patriots Fans Will Agree With The Goal Of The Eagles Zach Ertz

We’re not taking sides for the big game, but we are in complete agreement with the faith goals of Philadelphia Eagles tight…

These 2 Images Powerfully
Faith & Life

These 2 Images Powerfully Show the Stark Difference Between the Christian Who Prays and the One Who Doesn’t

As someone that tries to share the faith with others, I often find myself struggling to explain prayer. What difference…

social ills
Faith & Life

The 7 Social Ills that Every Christian is Called to Heal

For many people, today’s society has radically changed. We’ve gone from traditional marriage to other forms of civil union, from…

body language

Will They Know You’re a Christian by Your Body Language?

This video by Dr. Amy Cutty lays out some very interesting insights into the importance of body language. It’s a…

Catholic Faith

What’s The Big Deal About Baptism?

In this video produced by the Granger Community Church, we encounter a young man who reflects on the significance of…

Living Radically for Christ

What Would Happen If We Stopped Being Selfish and Began Living Radically for Christ?

This video, produced by getoutthebox.org, struck me as simple and impressively creative. It goes to the heart of the matter…

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