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Catholic Faith

“When You Realize The Power Of Your Bible” | A Must Watch Video

I almost skipped over this video as I was scrolling through Facebook, but I decided to take just a minute…


Guilty Silence: Religious Persecution and the Tragic Indifference of the West

Ten seconds into this video and you think you’ve seen it before: the sound of firearms, of men shouting in…

persecuted Christians
Catholic Faith

Don’t Pray For Persecuted Christians: Pray With Them

This coming Sunday is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church, an initiative organised by Open Doors USA,…

World in Crisis

The Iraq Crisis: An Offense to God

Catholic-link.com – A video offered by Catholic News Service that presents some of the Iraqis heart-rending pleas to the world for…

Though The World Is Dangerous, St. Ambrose Says The Church Will Stand Firm

The Church of the Lord is built upon the rock of the apostles among so many dangers in the world;…

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