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Catholic news stories

15 News Stories that Impacted Catholics in 2016

  Take some time to reflect on these events from 2016 with your spouse, family, prayer group, or friends for…

halloween catholic

Is Halloween Catholic? A Guide to Reclaiming the Holiness of this Celebration

This is the time of year when many Catholics ask themselves if it is ok to celebrate Halloween. Today we…

5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make in Defending the Faith

The 5 Things Catholics Need to Stop Doing When Talking About Faith

In today’s video, Dr. Taylor Marshall goes over “5 Common Mistakes Catholics Make in Defending Catholicism”.   People are quick to point…

Apps for Catholics
Catholic Media

15 Must Have Apps for Catholics

Today we see a reality we cannot deny: our mobile devices are part of our routine. Whether to text with…

Will You Be Able to Answer 11 Questions on
Faith & Life

(Quiz) Will You Be Able to Answer 11 Questions on Bible Basics?

Catholics are often accused of not knowing the Bible very well.  Our Protestant brothers and sisters admittedly seem to have…


15 Things People Who Don’t Understand Catholicism Love To Say (and how Catholics respond)

With today’s post, we would like to express our feelings of solidarity and friendship for all those Catholics in the…


Wenzhou Chinese Police Tear Down Crosses and Attack Christians in Riot

Wenzhou is known, according to CNN, as the Jerusalem of China. For months, the Government has demolished scores of churches…

Catholic Church

You Are Not Alone!

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ear Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East, Weeks ago, we listened to the dramatic petitions of Cardinal Fernando Filoni,…

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