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Catholic Tradition - How To Embrace It !

Ten Reasons to LOVE Tradition

Archaic. Backward. Ignorant. That’s what some people think of tradition. They outright reject it purely for the sake of rejecting…

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Catholic Media

Looking for a Way to Explain Natural Family Planning? 5 (Short) Videos to Help!

July 25th is the anniversary of Humanae Vitae, the papal encyclical which explains the Catholic Church’s teaching on marriage, sex,…

Catholic Media

Excellent Video for Teaching about Confession

SophiaSketchPad.org has produced another excellent video that helps to understand and explain the sacrament of confession. If you go to…

Theology of the Body Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?
Morals & Values

Does The Catholic Church Believe Sex Is A Sin?

How can you follow a Church that still believes that sex is a sin? This is the question one friend…

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